Schopenhauer on Mars – A new blog supporting the right to die, antinatalism and efilism

Welcome to my personal blog. In this blog, I aim to cover topics relating to the right to die, antinatalism and efilism from a pessimistic perspective. Occasionally, I may post articles on other subjects of personal interest, as well, which will be in a separate category.

My blog will tie in with my Reddit account, u/existentialgoof, and you can see my full comment and post history here. If you enjoy this blog and are active on Reddit, please also consider joining my Reddit communities, r/BirthandDeathEthics and r/DebateAntinatalism, which are, in common with this blog, platforms dedicated to open and uncensored discussion of the ethics surrounding procreation and suicide.

This homepage will serve as an index of articles as they are published, and links to each new article will appear below. Each topic will be listed under the most relevant category, however as is the nature of this philosophy, there will often be significant areas of overlap between the different subjects.

Negative utilitarianism articles:

Antinatalism articles:

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  1. Robin Williams should Not have had to brutally hang himself to end his life of suffering, he deserved a Legal Death with Dignity


    1. Quite true. Nobody is increasing the dignity/value of life by making people go through an existence they can’t find any value in. Unfortunately, this is bound to happen when people simply believe in something without creating any room for nuanced perspectives. May you have a good day ahead.


  2. The auto-moderator reports that the text I’m trying to post has already been posted. However, my post has never been posted.


  3. This world is ruled by complete bastards. And the meanest and most terrible thing is that they deprive the victims of even salvation by death.


    1. I’m hoping to stir up some activism with my next published post. Unfortunately, my laptop is away for repair and it’s taking rather a long time, but it will be published shortly after I receive it back.


  4. There are a lot of people on Facebook now leading a lively discussion on a given topic. If only some of them could be dragged here.


  5. That short text that was not posted before, I sent you via email. Then here, in the blog, that text appeared. And an explanation that he must pass moderation. But his was never published. But he not posted.


    1. Sorry, I’m not sure what you’re referring to. I haven’t had any submissions that I haven’t allowed through, although there may have been a duplicate comment. I don’t know which email you would have sent your message to. I don’t have access to all of my email accounts, as my laptop has been in for repair since late August, so I’ve only had access to my main email since then.


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